Prince of Wales Lodge No 4845

Consecrated 23rd September 1926

Lodge History

                    Here is reproduced the Lodge History as was in our semicentennial year of 1976.

                                                                PRINCE OF WALES LODGE No. 4845

                                                                               HALL STONE LODGE 


In February 1926 a group of far-seeing Brethren met at the Spread Eagle Hotel to discuss the formation of a new Lodge in Epsom. The Members were from the Ebbisham Lodge who decided that the number of persons wishing to become Masons was on the increase in this district, and in order to meet the demand, a new Lodge was now an urgent necessity. It was felt that any new Lodge founded in Epsom should be for the comfort of local Masons, and have the goodwill and assistance of the mother Lodge, Ebbisham No. 2422 who gave hearty support to the Petition. On June 22nd another meeting was held at the Hollies Club (now Epsom Club) when the Founders met to design the Founder's Jewel, and to lay down the work for the Worshipful Master designate.

Accordingly, a stated day being appointed they met again at the Spread Eagle Hotel on August 3rd. when the Founders heard from W. Dep. Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. G. H. Redwood, P.G.D. that he had agreed to consecrate the new Lodge at Freemasons' Hall on 23rd September, 1926. The naming of the Lodge was left to a Committee who discussed various possibilities. The name decided upon was Harley Grellier Lodge, as the late W.Bro. Grellier was a Grand Lodge Officer, a much loved member of the Ebbisham Lodge, and for a long period had been the Preceptor of the Ebbisham Lodge of Instruction.

The consent of the Grellier family was obtained, and one of the sons, W.Bro. C. Grellier was on the list of Founders. Grand Lodge however, in its wisdom forbad the naming of the Lodge after an individual, so the name was changed to the Prince of Wales, the then Provincial Grand Master of Surrey, who graciously consented that the new Lodge should bear his name.

When the Lodge was consecrated, the following Officers officiated at the ceremony:-



                                                   CONSECRATION OF PRINCE OF WALES LODGE No. 4845

At Freemasons' Hall (Grand Temple), Great Queen Street, London W.C.2., on Thursday, 23rd September, 1926 at 4.30 p.m. by:-

W.Bro. G. H. Redwood, P.G.D. (Eng.) W.Dcp.Prov. Grand Master (Surrey);

assisted by W.Bro. G. V. A. Schofield, P.A.G.D.C. (Eng.) Provincial Grand Secretary (Surrey) and

W.Bro. Percy Still, P.G.D.  as Senior Warden

W.Bro. H. Bladon, P.G.Std.B., P.P.S.G.W. as Junior Warden

W.Bro. Rev. W. E. R. Morrow, M.A., P.P.G.Chap. as Chaplain

W.Bro. G. R. Saunders, P.A.G.D.C. as Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro. W. A. Latham, P.A.G.Purs.Prov.A.G.Sec. as Inner Guard


The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master became an Honorary Member of the Lodge, together with all the Consecrating Officers.




W.Bro. A. E. WiIliams                                                                                           Worshipful Master

W.Bro. Austin Reynolds                                                                                       Acting I.P.M.

W.Bro. E. G. A. PuIlinger                                                                                     Senior Warden

W.Bro. E. J. Hodsdon                                                                                             Junior Warden 

W.Bro. W. G. Furniss                                                                                           Treasurer

W.Bro. R. E. F. Foulger                                                                                         Secretary

W.Bro. W. Thomas                                                                                                 Director of Ceremonies 

     Bro. H. B. Lodge                                                                                                 Senior Deacon 

     Bro. H. C. Pettett                                                                                                Junior Deacon

W.Bro. E. T. Hewlitt                                                                                               Almoner

     Bro. J. H. Mortimer                                                                                          Organist

     Bro. A.H. Gwinnell                                                                                             Inner Guard.    

     Bro. H. J. Roll                                                                                                     Steward

     Bro. E. S. Bradley                                                                                              Steward

     Bro. W. D. Bradley                                                                                            Steward

W.Bro. H. E. Mepham                                                                                             Tyler


                     W.Bro. E. G. Wilson                                 Bro. C. J. G. Roe

                     W.Bro. W. H. Edwards                             Bro. D. E. Norman

                     W.Bro. W. R. Page                                   Bro. S. J. Ross

                     W.Bro. C. GreIlier                                    Bro. J. Swift

                           Bro. H. L. Reid                                     Bro. A. H. Y. Avison

                                                       Bro. George Banks



                               CONSECRATION OF THE PRINCE OF WALES LODGE

                          Banquet in the Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London

              The Menu

                                         Whitstable Oysters or Hors d'Oeuvre

                  Clear Turtle Soup

                  Fillets of Sole, Prince of Wales

Saddle of Southdown Mutton Beans and Potatoes

                 Kummel Sorbet

                 Roast Partridge

                  Cherries a la Foulger

                Ice Pudding


                  With Musical Programme to follow

                                                 The Cost of the Banquet -  25/- shillings each.

Each Officer presented his collar and pendant suitably inscribed. The Banner of the Lodge worked in tapestry was presented by Bro. Geo. Banks. From time to time other gifts have been bestowed on the Lodge by the generosity of individual members:-

Bro. Geo. Banks- A Silver Loving Cup (in memory of the Primus Master W. Bro. A. C. Williams), which is circulated about the Banquet Table on Installation nights.

W.Bro. Austin Reynolds-Mahogany Case for the Cup. W.Bro. D. A. Burl-Charity Column.

W.Bro. E. G. A. Pullinger-Principal Officer's Gauntlets. W.Bro. W. Thomas-Past Masters Banner.

W.Bro. W. G. Fumiss- The Tracing Boards.

W.Bro. A. C. Williams-Oak Case of Working Tools.

In the early days it was agreed that the Founders fee should be £6 16s. 6d., the Initiation fee 10 gns., Joining Members 7 gns. and the Lodge subscription 4 gns.

The first regular meeting of the Lodge was at the Masonic Hall, Grove Road, Sutton on 9th December, 1926, and the first Initiates were Harry Skelton and A. W. Burl.  Bro. D. A. Burl was the first joining member who for his untiring efforts in the formation of the Lodge was presented with a Lodge Jewel, and afterwards invested as Assistant Director of Ceremonies.

The membership of the Lodge increased rapidly through the Thirties, and its numbers reached almost that of the present day 53 members. It was in 1932 that the first daughter Lodge was born, when W.Bro. Austin Reynolds proposed and Bro. G. W. Young seconded that the Lodge act as sponsor to a new Lodge to be called "Worcester Park" No. 5402, which was heartily approved by the Brethren. In the same year the Lodge became a "Hall Stone Lodge" by subscription to the Million Memorial Fund. For ten years Lodge members had attended the Ebbisham Lodge of Instruction, but finding that the work differed from that laid down by the Primus Master W. Bro. A. C. Williams, decided to form their own. In 1937 sanction was given for the formation of the Prince of Wales Lodge of Instruction, and at the first meeting held at the Spread Eagle Hotel at 8 p.m. on 30th April there were 24 members present. The first business was to draw up and approve the By-Laws, then the election of Officers, W.Bro. D. A. Burl being elected as first Preceptor, and W.Bro. W. D. Bradley first Secretary and Treasurer. Presentations  to the L.O.I. was made by:-

W.Bro. E. G. A. Pullinger - an Oak Case of Working Tools.

W.Bro. D. A. Burl - the Senior and Junior Wardens Columns.
W.Bro. H. B. Lodge -Wands. Bro. F. E. Roll--Gavels and blocks.

Bro. R. W. Burl - Volume of the Sacred Law.
W.Bro. G. W. Young - Tracing Boards.

Meetings were held every Tuesday evening until 1939 when, owing to the outbreak of hostilities, they temporarily ceased. The working as we know it today is Emulation incorporating same West End and Taylor working with additional wording and procedure adapted throughout the years. (Princeof Wales Working!)

The Lodge met at Sutton until bombing started in 1940 when the Lodge had to leave the Hall, which was requisitioned as a reception centre for bombed-out people. The meeting place pro tem. was the New Bull Hotel at Leatherhead, where meetings were frequently disturbed by gunfire and bursting bombs, but fortunately only one meeting was abandoned, in September 1940, at the climax of the Battle of Britain. Time of meeting was usually 1.30 p.m. closing at 5 p.m. In February 1942 the Lodge moved to the Stoneleigh Hotel under the Emergency Regulations of Grand Lodge, as the temporary meeting place. The December 1942 meeting was greatly honoured for the first time by the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Lieut. Cal. H. A. Mann, O.B.E., M.C., who took the chair and signed the minutes, also present was the W. Assistant Prov. G.M., H. B. Langley, P.G.D.

At the December meeting 1943 a petition was brought before the Lodge to consider sponsoring a new Lodge to' be called the "Vigilance Lodge" NO. 5946, which was approved and signed by the Worshipful Master and Wardens. In the interest of the Lodge it was considered desirable to' restart the Lodge of   Instruction at the "Albion Hotel" a Tuesday 10th September 1946 at 7.30 p.m. At this meeting W.Bro. D. A. Burl, P.P.G.W., was again elected Preceptor and Bro. P. W. Tebbutt as Secretary. The first business was to review the original By-Laws and afterwards discussions aver the amendments took  place and the revised By-Laws agreed.

        Some interesting talks and discussions took place during the following Tuesday evenings by the Preceptor, one worth recording was on "Masonry in Epsom". The Albion Hotel 100 years ago was the meeting place of Provincial Grand Lodge, probably in the Lodge Room, also the Lodge Fortitude and Perseverance met at the Fox Inn on the site where the "Ladas" is now situated; photographs and list of members were exhibited.

On the 13th February 1947 a petition for a proposed new Lodge to be known as the "Gavel and Sextant" Lodge No. 6463 was signed by the Worshipful Master and Wardens, making our third child, the W.M. to become an Honorary Guest during his term of Office.

In 1948 a letter was regrettably received from the Preceptor stating his inability to accept the Office for the ensuing year. W. Bro. R. R. Chamberlain was elected to the Office with W. Bro. R. W. Burl as Deputy Preceptor.

The September meeting of the Lodge in 1948 was a grand occasion, back home to the Temple at Sutton Masonic Hall after 8 years. In the Chair as W.M. was W. Bro. E. Atkins who for many years had been the Secretary of the Benevolent Association, and in later years became Provincial Grand Treasurer, now the Grand Officer in the Lodge. It was in 1950 that W. Bro. E. Atkins proposed that the Lodge of Instruction held a Festival which met with great approval. This was to be an annual meeting for the junior members of the Lodge to take part in the Ceremonies, which over the years has been very beneficial to all who took part. Through these festivals Masters have been grateful for the help and confidence they The late W. Bro. R. R. Chamberlain, P.A.G.D.C., P.P.G.W. donated to the Lodge a sum of money known as the Chamberlain Memorial Fund, to be used for the purchase of books of Ritual, and presented to each candidate after taking the three degrees.

At the Installation Meeting in December 1970, on investing the Tyler, the Worshipful Master W. Bro. W. C. E. White presented the Lodge with his Grandfather's Naval  Sword which had been suitably engraved.

The compiler of this resume of 50 years of the Prince of Wales Lodge No. 4845 has himself enjoyed 48 years of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. It is our hope that we, by maintaining and practising the true principles of the Craft, may in our turn deserve at the hands of those who come after us a tribute as worthy as that which we now desire to pay to our predecessors.



He begins the next chapter!




In June 1919, Grand Lodge held an especial meeting at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate peace to the world after the Great War. The Grand Master, The Duke of Connaught expressed a wish that a memorial be erected as a fitting honour to the many brethren who made the supreme sacrifice during the four years of hostilities. Such a memorial would be a new central home to accommodate the continued growth of Freemasonry to be erected "in this Metropolis of the Empire dedicated to the Most High and worthy of the great traditions of the United Grand Lodge of England"

The Masonic Million Memorial Fund was then launched, and all brethren in the English Constitution were encouraged to contribute the one million pounds necessary to build and furnish the new 'Masonic Peace Memorial' in Great Queen Street, which was eventually opened 14 years later in 1933. Contributions from brethren and lodges at home and overseas were to be recognised by the presentation of a commemorative jewel, to be called the Hall Stone Jewel. Bro. Cyril Spackman won a competition for its design. The jewel is in the form of a cross, symbolising sacrifice and on the sides are inscribed the dates 1914 - 1918, four years in which that sacrifice was made. In the centre, is a winged figure representing peace, supporting a Temple. The medal is suspended by the square and compasses: two of the great emblematical lights in Freemasonry.

The medals were produced in three sizes. The smallest was a breast jewel suspended on a dark blue ribbon. 10 guineas or more purchased a silver one, 100 guineas or more purchased a gold one. A combined total of 53,244 such medals were issued to individuals. The jewels awarded to lodges were of gilt finished silver appended to a light blue collaret and are worn by masters of lodges that contributed an average of 10 guineas per member. Such lodges are known as 'Hall Stone Lodges' and of 1321 that originally qualified, 88 were overseas. These lodges have their names and numbers inscribed on the marble wall panels in the Vestibule at Freemasons' Hall.

The largest Hall Stone Jewel is of 18 ct. gold and coloured enamels. Only 3 were ever awarded. Two Districts, Japan and Burma, and one Province, Buckinghamshire, qualified by contributing an average of 500 guineas per lodge. In further recognition of their achievement, rooms 11, 12 & 17 in Freemasons' Hall were named after them.


The Prince of Wales Lodge 4845 contributed the sum of £299 15s. 6d. to the Masonic Million Memorial Fund and qualified as a Hall Stone Lodge on the 26th September 1928


PULLINGER, Ernest G.A.                       

HODSDON, Edward J.                           

FURNISS, William G.                            

FOULGER, Robert E.F.                         

EDWARDS, William H.                         

THOMAS, William                               

PAGE, William Richardson                                 

GRELLIER, Cecil                                 

LODGE, Harry B.                                  

PETTETT, Herbert C.                             

MORTIMER, John H.                             

GWINNELL, Alfred H.                           

ROLL, Henry J.                                     

BRADLEY, Edwin S.                             

REID, Herbert L.                              

NORMAN, Douglas C.                           

SWIFT, John                                        

AVISON, Arnold H.J.                            

BURL, David A.                                    

CHAMBERLAIN, Robert R.                    

ROLL, Frank E.                                    

WAGLAN, Arthur S.                              

SKELTON, Harry                                  

BURL, Archibald W                             

HART, Lindsay                                     

FULLER, Leonard H.                             

LEANEY, Herbert E.                             

TUCK, Albert E.                                    

PULLINGER, Frank W.                          

BURL, Reginald W.                               

STEWARD, Frederick G.                         

CHURCHILL, Frank                               

CRACKNELL, James W.                        

LINE, William E.                                     

GWINNELL, Harry E.                            

HAYES, James                                    

VIGOR, Eric                                         

BRADLEY, William                                 

BANKS, George                                   

ATKINS, Ernest                                       

COOKE, Leonard W.                            



With many thanks to Peter Aitkenhead, the Assistant Librarian at the Freemasons Museum Great Queen Street his invaluable assistance.


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