Prince of Wales Lodge No 4845

Consecrated 23rd September 1926

W. Bro. John Albert Barrington

1931- 2015

Born 13 March 1931 

Hon. Member of the Prince of Wales Lodge No 4845 and Festina Lente Lodge London

Passed to the Grand Lodge Above Wednesday 29th July 2015

A very active Member of the Lodge until his illness, he moved to Wales to be closer to his family where he took an active part in his local Welsh Lodge. 

Members of the Prince of Wales Lodge would visit him on a regular basis and report back on his health.

John had been living at the Masonic home in Pawth Cawl where he was very happy. 

He had gone to hospital for a routine check but it seems his heart gave out and he died aged 84.

A nicer man you could not wish to know, I have very fond memories of the 'Gentle Giant' My JW at my Initiation.


Crossing the Bar
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