Prince of Wales Lodge No 4845

Consecrated 23rd September 1926






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September 2015

For the information of Secretaries


Provincial Office


Brethren, many of you will be aware that throughout the summer there has been much work going on in the Provincial Office towards the amalgamation of administrative functions. Our new IT system is partially up and running following a much longer than anticipated shut down early in July. The ADelphi changeover has not been as smooth as hoped and we are still having many ‘issues’ in completing simple tasks that could be done with the old ADelphi and now cannot be done with this version.


As I indicated before, we now hope that most enquiries to the Provincial Office can be dealt with as they come in, our response to you should therefore, be much smoother and you will not have to wait for replies. I will be circulating a flowchart indicating when certain specialist helpers will be in the Office to enable you to find the right person; however, we are expecting all of our helpers to become skilled in all areas over time.


This document, which you are welcome to circulate to your members, will be a little longer than usual as we attempt to catch up with some of the items we have been holding for circulation. May I thank you all for your patience and if you have any issues which we have not yet dealt with please, do not hesitate to ring in, and we will endeavour to get them sorted.


Year Book


I am awaiting the Annual Provincial Year Book to be delivered to the Provincial Office shortly and we will get it out to the centres as soon as possible. This will be a joint yearbook containing the relevant information for both Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters. We will welcome feedback from those which wish to, regarding content and style.


This is our first joint effort and so next year will incorporate many of the comments we receive, it is possible that we may enhance the section relating to Other Masonic Orders meeting within Surrey although much will depend upon cost and the size of the book.


The Book will also be available on both Surrey Pillars and the Royal Arch website as soon as we can get it uploaded.


Masonic Centre Fees


Many of the Masonic Centres fix their fees based upon the figures contained within the year book. Unfortunately this year will be a little more difficult and some Lodges & Chapters will find a discrepancy with the figures. The simple reason for this is that we would normally base our year book at the 31st July, due to the ADelphi shutdown which occurred during the preceding week we had to take our figures before that date.


Where there are difficulties in agreeing the figures please ensure that the Provincial Office is involved at an early stage as Mrs Cathy Start is the only person who will have the accurate figures (re-calculated to include any Prov 1. change of status forms that you submitted, during July and August), which will have been approved by both United Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter. We will be taking steps to ensure that Centres and Secretaries have the accurate figures so please do not be totally reliant on the Year Book.




Official Visits


You should all have received details of your forthcoming Official Visit by the representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master. The new Forms being used this year have undergone a thorough revision following the briefings held during the last season and many of you will now be working with them. Whilst they may appear daunting to some, the vast majority of you have taken to them very quickly. If you do have questions, please do not hesitate to either speak with your OV or ring the Office and we can quickly solve any issues.


Following this Masonic Year you should each see a much wider spread through the year when your visits can take place.

Fisherman’s Lodge


The Albany Lodge No 2652 is one of the Provinces oldest Lodges (Consecrated in 1897) and has been struggling for a while now. The Brethren of the Lodge are about to take the decision to move towards being a ‘Specialist Lodge’ and to that end are looking for all types of Fishermen to join them. Whilst the Lodge will cater for all types of Fishing – coarse, game & sea – it will also remain a ‘progressive’ Lodge. Meetings will, no doubt, have many interesting speakers and presentations from across the fishing spectrum. Please ensure that this message is spread widely to all those interested in Fishing and, if you are a Freemason, do consider becoming a joining member of the Lodge.


Further information is available through W Bro John Tomlin PAGDC PProvGSec who is happy to be contacted through Facebook. We wish Albany well in a new phase for the Lodge and hope this secures them a long term future.


Cathedral Service


The Provincial Service of Thanksgiving was held at Guildford Cathedral on a very wet and windy Sunday in July. Despite the dreadful conditions we had an excellent turnout and 8 Craft Lodges and 4 Chapter Banners were paraded with Brethren representing those Lodges and Chapters wearing their respective regalia in an extremely colourful spectacle. There are pictures available on the Royal Arch website


A Plea for more Members


I have been asked to make you aware of the ‘Re-Launch’ of the Surrey Masonic Widows Association. The background of this is a familiar story to all Lodges in the Province and that is the need to attract and recruit new members. It came as a surprise to me that many of our widows in the Province had never heard of the Association, this is truly an indictment on all of us who are involved with the welfare of our widows.


The Welfare Team under the direction of W Bro Trevor Rains PSGD AProvGM, have produced a leaflet and poster campaign to re-launch the Association in September. It is hoped all Secretaries and especially the Almoners in both the Craft and the Royal Arch will support and take ownership of this worthwhile initiative. The leaflets and posters are being produced which will be distributed via the Centres to the Secretaries/Almoners of each Lodge/Chapter to encourage them to highlight the numerous advantages of membership of the Association to their widows. They are now ready for your collection at your dedicated Centre.


We hope all the Almoners will make a point of talking to their Widows about the Association. The aim is to increase the number of members for the Association so that they can enjoy the friendship of a group of people with a common experience. The Almoners might like to make the Association a regular topic in their Lodge Meeting Reports.


If you are aware of a Masonic Widow who may be interested in joining an organisation of like-minded ladies then please put them in contact with an appropriate Branch Chairman or contact your Group Almoner who can also make the introduction. All contact details will be on the leaflets.






Provincial appointments and promotions


Please ensure that all your members are aware that if they have arrears outstanding to any Lodge or any Royal Arch Chapter, they will not be eligible for a first appointment or a promotion. These details are automatically flagged up on the Adelphi system and the Official Visitors are aware of the details of a member of Lodges they are visiting. Whilst approaches will be made in a tactful manner, those Brethren concerned will need to be made aware of the recorded situation.


Any subsequent appeals will need to be made through the Provincial Grand Secretary to allow changes to Adelphi and other records to be completed.


Charity Ball


Please give a thought to your Lodge attending the Ball hosted by the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge in aid of the 2019 Festival. This will take place at Brooklands on Saturday 28th November 2015 with tickets very reasonably priced at £50 a head.


My very best regards to you all


Provincial Grand Secretary