Prince of Wales Lodge No 4845

Consecrated 23rd September 1926


  James Hepburn in his Masonic regalia.


 Masonic regalia given to me by a friend, her late Swedish father worked at the docks in Cartagena in the early 20's The Apron and collar were embroidered by her mother.

He was a Mason in Cartagena Spain until he fled to England in 1930 to escape the anti-Masonic tide that swept across Spain preceeding the civil war.

Further reasearch of this terrible time is available online.


Another Prince of Wales Lodge Founders Jewel found on Ebay 27 November 2011

Offered by a dealer of Masonic items in Surrey and sold for over £90.00

I did ask if he would give me a price for this special POW Lodge Jewel but he did not have the courtesy to reply to me.




Found on the Internet.

One of the twenty seven Jewels issued to the Founders of the Prince of Wales Lodge in 1926 

Jewel sold by Ebay USA 19th November 2006! 

Sold for $124.50

Curious to know how it ended up in the States? 





Sold Date: 11/19/2006
Channel: Online Auction

Source: eBay

This is a Silver Masonic 1926 Founder Prince of Wales Medal Jewel of Lodge No. 4845. It has a White Enameled Panel on the top FOUNDER and below is 1926 on blue. It has a White Grograin Ribbon holding another piece - it has Fancy Crown Molding above a white enameled Panel PRINCE OF WALES, it is supported by to fancy Pillars with an enameled picture of a town with a tower in the center. Across the bottom is another White Enameled Panel with LODGE No. 4845. Below that is what appears to be 3 Feathers in a band and blue with ICH on left side and DIEM on the right. The Back is marked SPENCER LONDON in the circular opening and SILVER R.S and touch marks, an anchor, Lion and B. The top piece is also marked SPENCER LONDON and has the same touch marks. Please feel free to email any questions or comments. I will be listing additional Medals or Jewels and various items on eBay CLICK to see them. Buyer pays $4.05 plus insurance for shipping Priority Mail, I will be glad to combine shipping to save costs if desired. Interested International buyers can email for shipping costs and options. I will accept Money Orders, checks (will need to clear before shipping) and PayPal or BidPay.


Hall Stone Jewel


The Masonic Million Memorial (MMM) fund was set up in 1922.


The Hall Stone Jewel

Soon after the end of the First World War, the United Grand Lodge of England decided to establish a memorial to the Brethren who made the supreme sacrifice during that terrible conflict.

It was further decided that this memorial should be the erection of a new headquarters for the Craft and an appeal was made to every member for contributions to a fund which became known as the Masonic Million Memorial Fund. Members' contributions to this fund were entirely voluntary and were recognised by three special commemorative jewels.

The first of these jewels was a personal breast jewel to be worn by any member of a Lodge under the English Constitution who contributed ten guineas (£10.50) or Lodge contributing an average of ten guineas per member. A second jewel, a gold medal on a light blue collarette, was presented to be worn by successive Masters, such Lodges to be known as Hall Stone Lodges, thus giving the jewel its name.

1,321 Lodges were thus qualified and their names and numbers are inscribed at Freemasons' Hall in London. In addition, the Province of Buckinghamshire and the Districts of Japan (now defunct) and Burma (in abeyance) had the distinction that every one of their Lodges - 40 in Buckinghamshire - contributed an average in excess of five hundred guineas (£525.00). In recognition of this achievement, a third jewel, a gold and coloured enamel jewel on a dark blue collarette, was presented to be worn by successive Provincial and District Grand Masters.

With the District of Japan defunct and the District of Burma in abeyance, the Provincial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire can boast the unique distinction of being the sole and proud wearer of such a Jewel. In further recognition, Lodge Room No. 17 at Freemasons' Hall, London, was named the Buckinghamshire Room.

Thus Buckinghamshire is the only Hall Stone Province in English Freemasonry. The Jewel is worn at all Craft Meetings and is a permanent reminder of the supreme sacrifice made by their fellow Masons during the 1914-1918 war.






                                    PRINCE OF WALES 4845 HALL STONE LODGE

The Prince of Wales Lodge 4845 contributed the sum of £299 15s. 6d. to the Masonic Million Memorial Fund and qualified as a Hall Stone Lodge on the 26th September 1928

 Our Jewel is worn at every meeting by the Master


February 2015.

We have received a Lodge Hall Stone to Bro H E Gwinnell. This Jewel has been very kindly donated to the Prince of Wales Archives by W. Bro Chris Eastaugh of Barnstaple, Devon. This Jewel was found among his Fathers Masonic effects which had been stored away for many years.This was indeed a most thoughtful and kind gesture.